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Leave your M.A.R.C.

Are you looking for our menstrual activist gear? Check out our etsy store for t-shirts, buttons and stickers!

Menstruation Fem Fist

M.A.R.C. is an activist research group that works to educate both menstruating bodies and non-menstruating bodies about the harms of mainstream menstrual products and the vast array of alternative menstrual products. We first presented our activism at the Moral Panics of Sexuality Conference in October 2011 where we both learned about the immense importance of menstrual activism. At the National Women’s Studies Association Conference in November 2012, we presented a poster on our menstrual activism, and staged a menstrual intervention with feminists who were unaware of the many adverse effects of mainstream menstrual products. In June we hosted a workshop on how to have frank conversations with people about menstrual activism at the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research Conference in New York.

Check out our links at the top of the page for information about our activism, pamphlets we have created, DIY activist projects and more!

One comment on “Leave your M.A.R.C.

  1. It was great to meet you at NWSA and to get the templates for the re-usable pads as well as the stickers and t-shirt!

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