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About Us

Jaqueline J. Gonzalez and Stephanie Robinson have been working in conjunction with each other on menstrual activism since 2011. Stephanie presented her research on menstrual activism at the Moral Panics of Sexuality conference held at Arizona State University in October 2011; and both Jaqueline and Stephanie presented a poster on menstrual activism at the National Women’s Studies Association Conference held in Oakland, CA in November of 2012. Jaqueline and Stephanie have been cultivating ideas with other feminist research groups at their institution (Arizona State University) and Jaqueline’s current university, Brandeis; and Jaqueline has worked with the community to develop comprehensive sex education that includes a thorough explanation and education of alternative menstrual products, women’s bodies and reproductive systems and contraceptive options.  Jaqueline and Stephanie are co-founders the Menstrual Activist Research Collective, M.A.R.C.

HeadshotJax J. Gonzalez is a current graduate student at Brandeis University persuing a joint Masters degree in Sociology and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. She graduated from Arizona State University in 2014 with dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Sociology and Women’s and Gender studies. Her undergraduate thesis focused on elementary health education, and how neo-liberal politics have affected educator’s ability to teach the subject successfully.  Her graduate research explores how educators navigate teaching the taboo in public schools. When she is not working on research, she is a teaching fellow and gets to work with incoming undergraduates in a variety of disciplines.

StephanieStephanie Robinson-Cestero is a student at Arizona State University majoring in psychology and minoring in women and gender studies. Also an activist in M.A.R.C, Stephanie is also a second year researcher in Dr. Breanne Fahs Feminist Research Group on Sexuality. Her research interests include: menstrual activism, alternative menstrual products, women’s experiences with sexual commerce, body politics (particularly vaginal rejuvenation surgeries), and feminist mothering.  Together with Jax Gonzalez, she has created a series of workshops for faculty, students, and activists about how to promote alternative menstrual products and new menstrual narratives.  She is currently collaborating on a project on menstrual shame.  She plans to pursue graduate study in women and gender studies in 2014.

FahsDr. Breanne Fahs is the director and founder of the Feminist Research Group on Gender and Sexuality (FROGS) and is currently an associate professor of women and gender studies at Arizona State University.  Her work focuses on women’s sexuality and sexual subjectivities, radical feminist histories, critical body studies, and political activism.  She has published dozens of articles on these topics as well as three books: Peforming Sex (2011, SUNY Press), Valerie Solanas (forthcoming, Feminist Press), and The Moral Panics of Sexuality (Forthcoming, Palgrave).  If you are interested in collaborating with our research group, or contacting our group for other purposes, please contact: breanne.fahs@asu.edu.

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